Moving to Denver

We are frequently contacted by individuals and families that are considering relocating to Denver.  You can use the information below to help you understand more about the benefits of Denver.  We would love to help schedule a visit for you to come see Jewish life in Denver first hand!

The Denver area housing market has been one of the best performing in the nation over the last two years. There is a wide variety of housing available for purchase and rent within the three eruvim in the Denver metropolitan area.

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Denver’s economy is a diverse one that includes energy, aerospace, bioscience, financial services, telecommunications and information technology. According to the 2010 ALEC-Laffer State Economic Competitiveness Index, Colorado has the second best economic outlook in the country.

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It is important to assess the difference in the cost of living when considering a relocation from one city to another. There can be considerable differences in housing costs and salaries among other things. Denver has a relatively desirable cost of living compared to many parts of the country.

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Jewish Day Schools are the cornerstone of Denver’s commitment to Jewish education.  Denver has a rich history of Jewish Day School education dating back to 1952.  Since that time, both the quality and variety of day schools has expanded and grown.

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One of the most misperceived things about Denver is our weather.  We have one of the best year-round climates in the country.  With over 300 days per year of sunshine and extremely low humidity, you will enjoy the outdoors all year long.  Click here for  information about Denver’s climate

Denver has a long established Jewish community with a great deal of existing infrastructure.   Whether you are looking for an eruv or a Jewish Community Center, you will find it here.


The best way to really see what Denver is like is to come out and visit.  We will help arrange for all of your needs including finding you a host, setting up meals, coordinating a tour of the city, and anything else that will help insure you have an enjoyable and informative visit to Denver.

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