Adult Education/Outreach

The Denver Community Kollel

is an institute for advanced Torah study whose scholars are dedicated to serving the educational and spiritual needs of all Jews throughout the greater Denver area.

Our mission is twofold:

• To prepare our scholars for their future roles as leaders of the Jewish community.

• To share the beauty of Judaism – and Torah study in particular – with Jews of all backgrounds.

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The Jewish Experience

inspires and nurtures Jewish growth, and helps people apply the lessons and principles of Torah into their everyday lives.  Our classes, programs and events are for Jews of all backgrounds, regardless of previous education, affiliation or upbringing.

Here at The Jewish Experience we Make Judaism Meaningful. By offering exciting social and educational programs to the Denver metro Jewish community, we give people the opportunity to learn about and enjoy our fabulously rich heritage. The talented Rabbis and educators at TJE blend tradition with innovation, making the warmth and wisdom of classical Judaism available to today’s contemporary Jew. Our programs and events are for all Jews, regardless of background or affiliation.

Whether you’re looking for a taste of the Talmud, a spiritual boost in your marriage or family life, some help with your Hebrew or the chance to ask the questions about Jewish life and living you’ve always wanted to ask–we’re here for you.

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DAT University

is a joint program of the DAT Minyan and the Denver Academy of Torah that strives to provide various outlets for the exploration of Torah learning.  Through a mixed approach of formal and informal educational models, DAT University has something for everyone.  Whether you wish to sit in a chevrusa with one of DU’s educators or have a philosophical discussion over lunch, DU will provide in-depth and exciting insight into the topic at hand.

Merkaz Torah V’Chesed

is a versatile and wide-ranging Torah learning center opento all members of the greater Denver Jewish community. Suitable for the noviceand the seasoned Yeshiva-educated learner alike, Merkaz offers an authentic Bais-Medrash-style environment for individuals who wish to advance their learning skills,gain knowledge and grow as Jews. We aim to emulate the style of learning found inYeshivas around the world – proven to be the most effective model for improving andmaintaining learning skills. Infused with the electricity of many learning at one time,together in one place, Torah study takes on a completely new dimension. This caninclude study with a partner and/or study in classes, all in a Bais Medrash atmosphere.It is in this context that we aim to provide learning opportunities to all in the community.

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