Kosher Korner #1 Passover is Coming!

The Kosher Korner

As we are all aware, Pesach is coming….it is less than 3 weeks away now. I know, some of us are getting a little nervous, but the Kosher Korner is here to help. Over the next few weeks (until Pesach) we will be offering shopping tips, menu and recipe ideas, and general tips to help you feel more in control this year.

The first step to having a nice, easy, not too expensive Pesach is to download (and maybe print) some handy Pesach guides. In particular, you want the pages that list things that DON”T need special certification for pesach (like baking soda or cocoa)…. Here is a link to my favorite guides from the star K, the CRC, the OU and the Denver Vaad. Some of these guides are contradictory, so it is a good idea to have your LOR (local orthodox rabbi) on speed dial J.

Here you go, in no particular order:

The CRC (Chicago Rabbinical Council)
The Denver Vaad (Scroll K)
The Orthodox Union  (then click on OU products that do not require an OUP)
The Star-K (Baltimore)

Here are some selected highlights, but as always don’t take the word of some anonymous blogger: check it out yourself and ask your rabbi.

All Baking Soda is KLP (which means the 50 cent box of Arm and Hammer will be just fine)
All domestic 100% pure cocoa (aka Hersheys)
Many instant coffees including Regular, unflavored Folgers Instant, Tasters Choice Instant, and Nescafe Colombian, French Roast and Classic Instant.
RealLemon and RealLime brand juices might not have a KLP mark, but are KLP
Raw, whole or chopped nuts without preservatives or additives such as BHT or BHA are approved for Passover. If the lable states that it is processed in a plant that processes kitniyos or chometz would need to be marked KLP.
Any unflavored Selter may be used.
Non-iodized salt
Kroger and Lipton Unflavored Tea Bags may be used

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