Rabbi Lazer Brody Schedule

Friday night unity minyan -WCRJ –
“Parashat Shlach Lecha: The Spies’ Test of Emuna”

Friday night – BMH-BJ –
“Emuna: Developing a Personal Relationship with G-d”

Shabbat morning – DAT Minyan –
“i-Emuna: How Can Technology Bring Us Closer to Hashem?”

Shabbat lunch – EDOS –
“Azamra: Rabbi Nachman’s advice for remaining positive in a world of distress”

Shabbat afternoon – SHAWL –
“Vessels of Abundance: The Connection Between Women and Prosperity”

Seudah Shlishit – Beis Israel –
“The Gateway to Blessings: Learning Torah with Emuna”

Sunday Morning – DAT Minyan
“Hashem, Where Are You? How to find God Within Life’s Challenges”

Sunday Morning will also have a book / CD sale and potential signing.


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