East Side Kosher Deli

East Side Kosher Deli

East Side Kosher Deli is Denver’s premier kosher establishment.  The restaurant is a one-stop shopping and dining destination. Owned and operated by Joshua Horowitz, East Side is a kosher-center, featuring a full grocery store, take-out deli, butcher shop, bakery and sit-down restaurant


The Deli provides it’s customers with one stop shopping for all of their kosher needs! The facility includes a take-out deli, a sit-down meat/pareve restaurant, a full grocery store, a meat market, butcher shop, an in-house bakery, and catering facility.

The restaurant menu is very eclectic, including beef, lamb, veal, chicken, fish, Chinese, Mexican, pasta and, of course, deli sandwiches and salads.

499 S. Elm Street
Denver, CO 80246

Office: 303-322-9862
Fax: 303-321-3290
E-mail: eskd1@aol.com


Click here for the Deli’s website!

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